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Lake Balaton is the largest sweat-water lake in Europe. (Surface: 600 km², length: 77 km, average deep: 3,5 m) Swimming is often possible from the end of may at a pleasant 17-20 Celsius. In the summer reaches the temperature of the lake 24-26 Celsius. That's why there are very good swimming possibilities and has free scope for water-sports. (Surf, sailing, waterski) The water of Lake Balaton is clean; it is permanently examined by the german ADAC. In the lake live 43 fish-types.

The two shores of Lake Balaton are only a few kilometres far from each other, but they have different character. On the southern side the water is very shallow, after a few hundred metres walk it will be deep. On the northern side 20 metres from the shore the water is deep.  The northern side is surrounded by the picturesque Balaton-Highlands.

The lake has the most visitors in summer spending their holidays in the built in or free beaches. Families with small children prefer the shallow water of the southern shore. The souther shore of the Lake Balaton is a family paradies.

Many visitors go fishing here sitting in the reeds by the shore and waiting for pike-perches, carps or razor-fish to catch. Others take to water to sail or go on a cruise on the lake visiting places from Siófok to Balatonfüred and Tihany.

Although the peak season at the lake is summer, the lovers of Balaton think that it is also worth visiting the huge lake in winter, when you can go fishing in the ice-holes, or if the ice is thick enough, brave visitors can even skate, sledge or ice-sail on the lake.

In Hungary You also will become the lover of Lake Balaton. You can find prominent persons among the lovers like painters, writers, poets, actors, musicians and sportsmen. We are expecting you under the lovers of Lake Balaton.

To be safe and sound throughout yor stay at Lake Balaton, please take our advice. We hope you have a pleasant holiday and return to Hungary again soon.
Lock your car, even if you’ll be back in a moment. Use manned car parks where you can! Don’t drive if you drink. Don’t drink if you drive!
Don’t change currency in the street. It’s not safe! Keep windows closed and doors locked, especially when you’re out! Don’t leave valuables unatended, least of all if they can be seen. Use safedeposit facilities!
Don’t wear or carry any valuables obviously. This applies in places of entertainment as well! Bicyles make no noise. Not even when a thief takes them… Black markets aren’t good places to buy souvenirs!
The Balaton waters are fickle. Watch out for storm warings!

Ten directives for bathtakers

How the bathtaker can contribute to the protection of his own health and the water quality of the lake?

1. Use the toilette before bath and make the little children also to do it so.

2. Have a shower before swimming if possible! Wash down sun lotion and sweat, and you will cool your body too.

3. Do not jump into water with overheated body! If you got heated cool down yourself by the water of the lake.

4. It is allowed to bath only on the beach or on the appointed stages of the coast! We cannot know what kind of blocks of wood, objects can be found under the water surface that may cause hurts.

5. Put the rubbish, wastes always to an ordinary collection container.

6. Make your skin regulary accustomed to sun bathing. Protect yourself with sun lotion against the harmful rays of the sun.

7. Go to shade during strong sunshine (between 11 a.m. 3 p.m.), protect your skin from strong sun radiation, protect your head – especially children’s head – from sunstroke.

8. Do not fall asleep on an inflatable mattrass, it can be easily blown away by the wind and you can get a sunstroke.

9. Only the allowed number of people can get in a boat. You can prevent the boats from overloading and overturning.

10. Do not wash your car with the water of the lake! Do not pour sewage water, dirty water into the lake! 

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