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Welcome to Siófok

in a nice, peaceful,

 sunny holiday resort...

... in the Holiday home Csorba

at the Lake Balaton

in Hungary.

Dear Guests

Our family holiday house with swimmingpool was opened in 2000. In the past few years  the majority of our guests came back to us so, we have a lot of regular guests. They are our best promotion: our new guests will be their relatives, friends and colleagues.
The continuous expansion of our visitors has resulted that we have had to enlarge the capacity of our  houses. Due to the enlargements nowadays we have 3 comfortable holiday houses with different sizes where everybody can feel himself at home and can find the suitable accomodation to his demand.
Our services have been improved continuously too, so at present our guests can choose among several possibilities.However our prices have stayed  reasonable You can make sure about this if You turn over the pages.
We are contended if people visiting us leave our holiday houses as friends. Browse our pages and choose among our offers! We hope that our information can help You to make a good decision and we can greet You sonn among our guests!

The Csorba family

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Holidayhome Csorba
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