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Guidance from the border (Austrian-Hungarian) 

1. Crossing point between Austria and Hungary: Hegyeshalom
2. Motorway M1 towards Budapest to Gyõr
3. Way out before Gyõr towards Székesfehérvár road no. 81
4. At Székesfehérvár motorway M7 towards Siófok
5. Motorway M7 to way out of centre of Siófok (to 105. km)


Guidance in Siófok: (follow the black arrow)

1. M7 Way out Centre Siófok (No.: 105. km)
2. Turn to the right (towards the centre of Siófok)
3. Turn to the left at the corner of petrol station OMV and McDonald's
4. Go straight about 2 kms to the railway station of Siófok- Széplak Felsõ
5. At the station, the traffic lamp turn to the left to the Rd Május 1
Go straight about 200 m, then turn to the left to Rd Gesztenye.
6., Go straight about 50m, then turn to the left to Rd Meggyfa.
7., And you arrived... 23-24. Rd Meggyfa

If you still can not find us, give me a ring, I willingly help you or go and fetch you.

Tel: 00-36-84-350-158
Mobile:00-36-30-293-0280 (Mrs Csorba)


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